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            As a heat exchange component, the finned tube works for a long time under high temperature flue gas conditions. For example, the fin tube of the boiler heat exchanger has a harsh environment, high temperature and high pressure and is in a corrosive atmosphere, which requires high performance of the finned tube




             低的接觸熱阻(lower contact resistance)

             高的穩定性(Higher Stability)



             Wear resistance (Anti-wear)

             Low contact resistance

             High Stability

             Anti-ashing ability



            The set fin process is to pre-process a batch of individual fins by punching, and then manually or mechanically, according to a certain height (wing distance), the fins are placed on the outer surface of the tube by interference. It is the earliest method of processing finned tubes. Due to the simple process and low technical requirements, the equipment used is inexpensive and easy to maintain, so many factories are still in use. This process is a labor-intensive process solution that is suitable for the capital and technical conditions of small or medium-sized enterprises.


            The manual method is called a manual suit. It uses tools to rely on human strength to push the fins one by one. In this method, since the pressing force of the fin is limited, the interference of the set is small, and the fin is prone to looseness.

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